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The Iron Hand
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Other Emmert

Vises and Devices

Do you have other Emmert devises? I would like to use your photos here.


Emmert Model No. 4a and 6a


Casimiro Sousa's Restoration of an early Model 4a

Click to see more of this vise

Click to see more of this vise

Before Before
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After After

Another Model 4a

This Model 4a sold on eBay for $355 on 19 May '03


Emmert Model No. 105


Emmert Model No. 130

Emmert Wood Clamps


Emmert Portable Drafting Machine

This is a beautiful drafting machine that looks like its from the 1940's or 50's. It was made by the "Emmert Manufacturing Company" in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. It is self contained in a hard case with two hinges, and four latches. There are five rubber feet on the bottom of the case to keep it from moving around when it is flat on the desk. The top half of the case is removable, and the hinged 24" x 13 3/4" drawing board lifts up and is supported by a machined prop rod that adjusts to three positions. When in use, the drafting machine has a 9" threaded extension that allows the machine to extend beyond the board on the left, so the full board can be used. The lockable movement is very smooth up and down, right and left. The beautifully machined protractor has a worm gear operation, with a micrometer calibration at the end of the adjustment knob for fine tuning. It is missing the two straight edge scales. There is a 2 1/4" black wheel with a thin cable at the top of the machine. The cable is not attached to anything, and I don't know what this wheel does. The data tag on the protractor reads: "Emmert" Vertical or Horizontal Drafting Machines, Emmert Mfg. Co., Waynesboro, Penna. The serial number is: 20539. The overall dimensions of the case are 27" x 20 1/2" x 4 1/4".

Unusual Turtleback


No text or markings.

Is it an early Emmert design or a patternmaker's copy?


Note how thin the reinforcing fin are on the rear jaw.


Brass knob


Salesman Sample

Jaws 3-1/2 x 9

Opens 3 inches

Weight only 6 pounds

Aluminum jaws and dogs.

Note the unusual horizontal reinforcement in the middle of the front jaw.

Aluminum hub, brass nut and steel screw.

Note the lack of reinforcing ribs on the rear jaw.


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