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The Iron Hand
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Emmert's Universal Vise

Type T2 Photos

Do you have a Type T2 vise? I would like to use your photos here.



Type T2 Cover



Very nice vintage bench with a Type T2 Emmert vise attached. Notice the leg mounted tilt adjustment handle.



Nice original color.


Serial No. 317-

Is that a foot pedal? This vise belongs to Casimiro Sousa and is another one of his beautifully restored Emmerts.


The vise is wider than his bench.

Look at this wonderful setup.... a spring loaded tilt adjustment and a foot operated rotation adjustment. Also note the "N" on the hub casting. The usual "14" is where it's suppose to be.

A couple of vises have a hole for lubricating the nut and screw like this one. Not all of them do. Is there a relationship between the "N" on the hub casing and the lubrication hole?

Serial No. 2544










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