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The Iron Hand
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Knockoffs and Other Vises

There are many manufactures who have or still make vises similar to the Emmert Patternmaker's Vise. Here are a few photos of these.

I would like to include yours also. Just send me a few digital photos to

High resolution images are preferred.


Emmert Copies and Knockoffs

AMT Vises

Columbian Vises

Kindt-Collins Vises

Mead Vises

Oliver Vises

Sheldon Vises

The Tucker Vise by Veritas

Wilton Vises

Yeon Chuan Machinery

Yost Vises


Other Vises

Wm. Carroll Pattern Maker's Clamps

Hollands Vises




1890 Carroll's Pattern Maker's Clamps from The Iron Age

William Carroll's patternmakers while unique did not stand the test of time.


1892 Hollands Mfg. Co.

Iron Age        March 17 1892

Pattern-Makers' Vise.

The vise represented herewith is put on the market by Hollands Mfg. Company, Erie, Pa. The jaws are leather faced and always open parallel, but can be adjusted to catch taper by loosening screw at the bottom. This vise is made 42 inches in height, with 6-inch width of jaw and screw 1-1/4 x 24 inches.





Woodcraft Supply Corp., Patternmaker's Vise

Product No. 142768 Available today for $94.99


The body of this heavy cast iron vise swivels 360 so you can always position your work where you need it. The 4-7/8" wide jaws open to 6", and both jaws swivel so you can clamp virtually any shape. Perfect for holding table legs for shaping or carving. Secured to any bench or table top up to 4-1/2" thick by a heavy threaded rod (which requires a 3/4" hole) and large winged nut, so it can be quickly set up and removed as needed.



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