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Yeon Chuan Machinery


Yeon Chuan Machinery Co.

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Yeon Chuan Machinery

Pattern Maker's Vise #1301

(Commonly called the Taiwan copy)


Weight----------------------55 pounds

Jaw size (length x width)

main-----------------------13-3/4" x 5"

small------------------------2" x 2-1/8"

Auxiliary--------------------5-3/4" x 5"

Jaw travel--------------------------14"

Extension Dog height(max)------2-1/4"

Tilt range---------------0 ~ 90 degree

Rotation range--------0 ~ 360 degree

Jaw pivot range

Main---------5 degree Both Direction

Auxiliarry---20 degree Both Direction


Here's a Review of Woodcraft's vise by Dave Warren




Available Today for $219.99 from Highland Hardware


A Revival of the Most Versatile Design Ever!

Copied from the famous Emmert Pattern Maker's vise, this is the most versatile stock control device you've ever imagined. First, of course, it's a large, heavy and powerful cast iron bench vise. Its unique mounting system makes it far more than that. Unlock a lever and the vise rotates 180 degrees to reveal a pair of carver's jaws just 2" wide, which stand 2-1/8" above the flat jaws to hold small or oddly shaped objects above bench level. Rotate the vise just 90 degrees and you have open vertical clamping for working on legs, panels, and other tall pieces. Loosen another lever, and the entire vise swings upward up to 90 degrees, putting the jaws parallel to the benchtop or at any angle in between. Main jaws are 13-3/4" wide by 5" deep, with a maximum working opening of 13".

In any configuration, a crank on the front jaw can vary its alignment by up to 5 degrees left or right, perfect for holding tapered legs or other stock. A 5-3/4" x 5" cast iron auxiliary jaw that mounts in the right side of the vise tilts 20 degrees up or down, providing another option for holding tapered work. Pairs of spring-loaded dogs face each other across the main jaws; they set up to 2-1/4" high for 3- or 4-point control of virtually any shape. The owner's manual is startlingly clear and thorough, including a precise template for marking and mortising your bench to house the vise.


Product No. 128748 Available Today for $219.99

from Woodcraft Supply Corp.

Pattern Maker's Vise

Because of their versatility, vises of this type were the center of a pattern maker's shop for more than a hundred years. Not only can you swing a clamped workpiece up to horizontal, you can rotate it 360 in the vertical position. Rotating gives you access to three sides of a clamped piece, even upside down! The main jaws pivot up to 5 for clamping tapered work, and the furnished auxiliary jaw will pivot up to 30. Two dogs in each jaw allow clamping of round or irregular shapes. Jaws are 13-3/4" wide x 5" deep, maximum opening 12". Weight 55 lbs. Complete with wooden handle, mounting instructions and hardware.






CAD Drawings courtesy of Yeon Chuan

Exploded View

Complete Assembly

Taper Adjustment Cam and Handle

Mounting Angle Hub

Hinged Mounting Angle




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