My 1969 Pontiac Firebird

96 APA Car Show

Many thanks to my good friend Dean Jackson, my brother Mark and my kids, Taylor, Skyler, and Sarah.  Dedicated to my Father, Marvin F. Matthews who was also a Pontiac Fan.

With this project, I have learned many new skills and honed others. I learned mechanics, I learned to weld, I learned to paint,  I learned to rebuild. But most importantly, I learned appreciation, control and patience. Part of me wasn't sure that I could do it. Now I'm teaching my kids and others the lessons I've learned, the biggest of which is patience.    .....Carl M.

Mine is the white 69 convtible. The red 69 belong to my good friend, Bjorn Sefeldt. What a nice pair!


In the beginning...

Photo at Dad's HouseHere’s my car at my Dad's house soon after I bought it in 1987. I was looking for a convertible muscle car, almost any year, any make. I was living in Austin, Texas at the time and looked in Austin, Houston and San Antonio. I had lots of wants and a couple of requirements. It had to be a ragtop and it had to be drivable. I didn't mind if it needed some work. The search lasted months. I looked at over twenty cars including a Cutlass, a Dodge 440, Chrysler 300, …. (Sorry, no Mustangs due to a rivalry in High School.) Finally I found this one about 4 blocks from my Dad’s house in Clear Lake City. The guy said that the owner was in jail and needed the money. After a little negotiations, we agreed on a price. His mother signed the Title with a power of attorney and the car was mine. They also gave me some leftover parts including Herb Adams front and back swaybars.


Then came the Accident
Opps!One bright day in spring, I was on my way to work, mid-day, top down. Suddenly the traffic on the I-10 freeway went from 60 mph to zero. I stomped on the brakes and the pedal slowly went to the floor. I pumped the brakes to no avail. No time for the parking brake. In a split second, I hit the 280Z in front of me. No one was injured except for my Bird. It was drivable, but it looked really bad. I was devastated. 

Back to the beginning

Back to the Beginning

Intro The Challenge Strip Body Work Paint A/C Engine Top Interior Show Time Specs Cruise Parts for Sale Insurance H.A.L.F.

ęCarl Matthews 1998,2003

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