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The Challenge
I started to disassemble the damaged parts. Most of the front end body panels were shot. No problem. Iíll fix it in no time with some junk yard parts, new paint and back on the road. NOT! When I took the body parts off, I noticed how easy it would be to take the radiator and engine out to freshen them up. So I did. Then I took off the suspension and other misc. parts. I didnít know when to stop! ......... I guess at some point I decided to do a complete restoration. At that point, I made a deal with myself to do as much of the work as I could and what I didnít know, I would learn. So far Iíve learned what happens when the master cylinder fails.
Let's take off some parts

Let's take off some parts



Yes, thatís snow on the ground in Houston, TX. I should describe the cars in this photo. The car in

front is my '69 Firebird. The blue car beyond is my donor parts car, a 69 FB with a 350 2-barrel and a 2 speed automatic tranny. Behind the parts car is a '70 Cutlass convertible which I am saving for my son, Skyler. Next to the Cutlass is an '81 Volvo. My son, Taylor had his first accident in the Volvo when he was 4 yr. old. He pulled the gear shift out of first and drove the car (engine off) into the white truck shown in the background. Try to explain that to your insurance agent. Taylor is eager to start driving.


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