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The latest evolution of the Oliver/Kindt-Collins Vise Line

I bought the original Oliver 1920’s drawings, parts and patterns from Kindt Collins and am now manufacturing a new and improved version:

The finest woodworking vise ever made

The Hopewell Patternmakers Vise

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Description: Description: C:\!VISE\Vise Website\Emmert\Images\ForSale\Mvc-009f-330.jpg

Kindt-Collins, Emmert, Oliver and

Yost Patternmakers Vise Parts

Made in the USA from Grey Iron

All Emmert parts listed are for the later “Universal” style, #1 (large 18”jaws)

unless they specify #2 (small 14” jaws)

or the early Turtleback style or another manufacturer.


Emmert & Yost

-Bench bracket assembly complete (K-4, K-72, K-64, K-44, no bar) Fits all Universal and

Turtleback Emmerts and Yost                                                                                                      $110

-K-4 , old part # (Old style bench bracket for slotted bar)                                        $70

-Handle for above                                                                                                         $35

-Slotted bar for above                                                                                                   $15

-Bench bracket only-K-44                                                                                            $60

-K-4  Slot-headed Eye bolt for bench bracket                                                            $25

-K-64 (new style twin cam faced for  bench bracket K-44)                                       $25

-Bar -K43- for new style bench bracket K-44                                                             $10

-Bar-K-43TB                                                                                                                  $10

-Bar-K-43-slt-slotted                                                                                                      $45

-Bar for turtleback, round with tab                                                                             $30

-Beam (K-7) #1Universal  used                                                                                   $200

-Beam (K-7) #1Universal  *S/O                                                                                   $300

-Beam for #1 Turtleback, (pt#91),                                                                              $300

-Beam for #2 turtleback,(pt# 46),                                                                                $250

-Beam –K-17 for #2 Universal                                                                                     $300

-Bolt, shoulder for Turtleback rod to hob connection                                                 $10

-Bench bracket for turtleback-used                                                                             $175

-Collar for main screw K38 for #1, K-62 for #2 Universals                                        $25

-Collar nut, (with gussets, fits outside of cam ring on Universal models),

K-5#1/ K-22 #2                                                                                                               $100

-Cam ring Universal (K-14#1/K-23#2, tilts front jaw)                                                $125

-Knob for cam ring,                                             black plastic $5  Chromed steel        $10

-DOGS- (May require fitting)


-Turtle back large/small Front T-11/T-21, Rear T-10/T-20                                   new- $45

used w/spring-$75

-Universal #1 Front K-11 Rear K-10   new - $35 used w/spring-$55

-Universal #2  Front K-21  Rear K-20  new- $45 used w/spring-$55

-Yost Front or rear                                 new-$40 used w/spring-$60

-Dog springs-Make ‘em yourself out of an old bandsaw blade. From me                     $10

-Front Jaw for #1 Universal- (K-1) U-6  *S/O  1/8’’ thicker than original ones          $350

-Front Jaw for #2 Universal #2 (K-2)          $350

-Front Jaw Emmert (K1) USED                 $250

-Front Jaw Emmert Turtleback- *SO         $350

-Front Jaw Yost-1/4’’ thicker than original-NEW $175 un-machined,           machined-  $400

-Guide square fits back of turtleback  jaw and guides beam retained by 2 screws           $115

-Garter (K-38)                                                                      $35

-Jaw, replaceable for metalworking jaw for Emmert     $75

-Rear Jaw Emmert K-2 USED               $250

-Rear Jaw #1 Turtleback  USED            $100

-Rear Jaw #1 Universal                            $275

-Hub/yoke #1 Turtleback                         $100

-Hub/yoke #1 Universal                            $150

-Hub/yoke #2 Universal                            $175

-Hub dogs-hold hub to back or turtleback $15 ea- 4/$50

-Hub dog screws for above                                          $5

- Yoke & hinge-Yost                                                 $125

-Handle Yost hub rotation                                          $40

-Handles, hub rotation  K-28 #1, K-29 #2                  $35

-Hub(14) w/hinge Turtleback #1                                $110

-Handle bench bracket     K-64,                                  $35

-Handle-K-6 locks hub rotation older style U-2 hub (fits threaded stud) $35

-Handle K-64       $25

-Handle wooden with wood cap Kindt-Collins original NOS            $30

-Handle (1’’) Tiger Maple French Polished With Brass end balls    $175

-Handle-K-16 Varnished- NEW matches original                               $60

-Hinge #1 Universal or Turtleback K-12                                            $120

-Hinge #2 Universal or Turtleback K-19                                             $120

-Hinge pins-pair #1 (K-35)                                                                      $15

-Hinge pins pair #2 (K-61)                                                                      $15

-Knob front jaw taper adjusting turtleback #1                                    $40

-Lever for Turtleback bench bracket “ P”                                           $45

-Nut-K-40-used                                                                                      $125

-Nut- (K-40a) and screw (K-9a) for #1-(Must be ordered as a pair because the thread is different) *S/O $200

-Nut- (K-40)  for the Universal #1-Used                                               $100

-Nut for #1 Turtleback, used                        $100

-Screw (K-9) for #1-used                                 $90

-Screw for turtleback  (used)                        $110

-Screw K-45 for hub lock                                $25

-Shell for Turtleback Large/small                                                             $50

-Shell for Yost                                $125

-Tilt plate (auxiliary jaw) (K-13) #1 universal or Turtleb                      $70

-Tilt plate (auxiliary jaw (K-26)  #2 Universal or Turtleback                $70

-Turtleback rotation locking trigger                                                         $45

-Tee handle for main screw #1 K-9a                                                          $70

-Tee handle for main screw #2 (K-25a)                           $70

-Trigger lever for turtleback rotation (large) open mouth or closed      $35

-Trigger for Yost rotation lock (may require fitting)                               $45

-Pin front jaw of #1 Universal swivels on- (K31)                                     $35

-Pin-screw front jaw of #2 Universal pivots on-K-60                              $35

-Wooded handle with wooden cap                                 $50



Oliver/Kindt-Collins/Hopewell Vise Parts

-Bearing swivel for Hopewell, Kindt-Collins and Oliver Model 248   248-B-3       $175

-Beam for Oliver 248   248-3                                                         $350

-Beam for Oliver #1   “Hammerhead style” 247-3                                           $450

-Bench bracket for Kindt-Collins # 247-9                                                        $120

-Bench bracket clamp handle for Kindt-Collins/Oliver # 247-10                     $45

-Bar for Kindt-Collins/Oliver bench bracket #247-11                                     $100

-Bench Bracket assembly complete for Kindt-Collins/Oliver #s 247-9,10      $160

- Cam    Hopewell                                                                                                $360

- Cam Hopewell ,Brass Knob                                                                              $20

-Collar, Kindt-Collins and Oliver Model 248  #248-6                                       $178

-Cam for Kindt Collins and Oliver Model 248 #248-5                                     $180

-Dogs -Kindt-Collins/Oliver Front #247-13 Rear #247 14                                 $55

-Fiber washer fits between Tee handle and beam                       $10

-Front Jaw Kindt-Collins/Oliver #248-11                                   $695

-Front Jaw for Oliver #1                                                                                     $450

- Handle, Hopewell Brass Knob                                                                           $75

- Handle, Hopewell Tiger Maple French Polished                       $50

-Handle 247-10 for bench bracket and for hinge tilt lock                                  $45

-Hinge-Kindt-Collins/Oliver 247-5                                                                      $188

-Hub-Kindt-Collins/Oliver 247-4                                                                        $425

-Jaw, replaceable for metalworking jaw Kindt-Collins/Oliver #247-16            $85

-Metal working jaw insert  (247-16)                                                                      $50

-Nut for Kindt Collins/Oliver (after 1926-NOT Buttress) # 247-6-1                $175

-Rear jaw for Kindt-Collins/Oliver #248-12                                                       $975

            -Screw Kindt-Collins/Oliver (newer style after 1926, NOT buttress)  #248-9-1     $330

-Screw, clamp-247-17                                                                                               $80

-Spacer-247-17a fits over 247-17 for knuckle clearance                                       $15

-Swivel pad for Kindt Collins/Oliver #248-8                                                          $38

-Tilt plate for Kindt-Collins/Oliver  (Swivel jaw) #247-7                                     $110

-Tee handle for Kindt-Collins/ Oliver (Handle-socket # 247-8)                            $75

-Wooden handle w/wood cap  Kindt-Collins      (162-17, 162-18)                         $30

-Oliver Teal paint in spay can. 1960’s to late 80s color $110/8  $150 for 12 ea. $15


All prices subject to change

*S/O= Special order allow up to 8 weeks

-Raw un-machined castings available at lower price for those with machining capabilities.


*All parts plus shipping and handling, Example: $12.50 for bench bracket

complete to USA Note: $12.50 is our minimum s&h charge.


-New, used and reconditioned vises in stock.

*Most parts are normally in stock. Back orders usually take up to 4-6 weeks


-Other vise parts, new and used, or other cast iron, aluminum or silicon bronze castings quoted upon request. Custom castings require a pattern and take at least 4-8 weeks


-Generally rear jaws, turtleback front jaws and Turtleback beams are too expensive to manufacture to warrant their making. Vises with these broken are usually “parts vises” and may have some trade-in value, please ask. We are always actively seeking and buying parts vises.





Lots of Heavy Duty Woodworking Equipment too.



Updated 9/17/2012


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