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Dec. 31, 2004



This was our last chance to cruise in 2004 so rain or shine, we went for it. Once the rain started, Bjorn, Andy and I stopped under an I-10 overpass to raise the tops on the convertibles. I'm glad that they didn't have the 6 minute towing ordinance in place. We arrived at Paul's house and checked out his new bird and nicely restored 1962 'Vette. His garage has 10 foot ceilings and a nice above ground car lift which he bought for $300. The weather cleared (or rather it stopped raining) so the four of us continued to Lawrence Marshall's Antique Car Museum. Lawrence Marshall now 86 years old was hanging out there and was kind enough give us a personal tour. Next it was off to Bellville for lunch. Andy had a glitch with his alternator along the way. Fortunately it didn't affect our trip.













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