Houston Area Legendary Firebirds

June 2004


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Where: Memorial Park & Texadelphia

When: June 19, 2004, 4:00pm



The Owners

Andy Hewes, Stacy Horn, Kelly Murphy, Carl Matthews, Miles Lott (left to right)

Not Pictured but present included Jim Glaus and Tom Mezyk.


Jim Glaus' silver 1969 coupe stayed home with a big transmission leak but he brought his wife, Kathi also. Tom and Carol Mezyk's 1967 conv. isn't completed yet. They did bring their wonderful kids, Ashley and Mitchell. Two of my boys, Taylor and Geoffrey were skateboarding in the parking lot also. Bjorn had a last-minute family emergency in Dallas and wasn't able to make it.



Kelly Murphy 1968 coupe 350 HO auto, black with red HO stripes and red int.

Kelly and his son, Ryan drove in from the far away city of Corpus Christi. His fresh ride made it fine and they both enjoyed the trip.


Miles Lott 1968 Sprint coupe, red with white top and now with A/C.

Miles' A/C installation is almost complete. This photo shows the custom bracket made by Stacy.


Stacy Horn 1969 conv 400 5-spd, blue with white top and blue int.

Stacy has A/C now too. Last minute shifter problems were fixed in the morning.


Carl Matthews 1969 conv. 350 4-spd, white with white top and blue int.

Carl and boys


Geoffrey & Tayor



Andy Hewes 1967 conv. 400 auto, dk. green metallic of questionable origin

Andy and Sara Hewes

Andy got busted by the cops!


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