Houston Area Legendary Firebirds

Jan. 2004

Not everyone is happy with the name but that's what we have for now. Many thanks to Brett Liukkonen in Seattle for the logo.  


Where: Memorial Park

When: Jan. 25, 2004, 2:00pm

The Owners

Sal Dominguez, Stacy Horn, Scott Ferguson, Carl Matthews,

Bjorn Sefeldt, Drew Helm, Shawn Hall, Jim Glaus (left to right)


What a nice line up! I didn't think that there was this many Legendary Firebirds in Houston.

Bjorn Sefeldt 1969 conv. 400 auto, red with black top and black int.
Carl Matthews 1969 conv. 350 4-spd, white with white top and blue int.
Drew Helm 1969 coupe 455 auto, indigo over pewter with dk. blue int.

That's Drew's 2002 TA. His 69 bird is almost finished.

Jim Glaus 1969 coupe 350 auto, silver with black int.

Jim and his wife, drove up from Pecangrove in Sugarland.

Sal Dominguez 1969 conv. 400 auto, green maybe

Sal wasn't able to bring his bird yet (soon)

but he did bring is wife, Karrie and 2 children along.

Stay tuned for the first MONSTER GARAGE,


Scott Ferguson 1967 conv. 400 auto, red with white int.

Scott is also from the Sugarland area. He says that

his car looks basically the same after 10 years.

Shawn Hall 1968 coupe 350 4-spd, indigo with black int.

Shawn is protecting our freedom as a National Guard

helicopter mechanic. He's done a lot work to his 68.

It looks great after only 6 mo. of ownership.

Stacy Horn 1969 conv 400 5-spd, blue with white top and blue int.

Stacy has a very interesting story about his newly

purchased bird which he drove back from LA. It was

purchased new years eve from a guy in Santa Ana.

More Photos
Bjorn says.....

Well, the rain finally stopped and the sun was out, it felt like 75F +_....

I think we had a good time.....6 first gen. birds showed up....and one 'last gen.' ( Drew's not drivable yet)....and a Suburban (Sal also has a not finished car, but was leaving here to go home and work on it.. LOL)...
it was a neat experience to see tha faces of the park visitors as we drove by,...and the heads turning , fingers pointing...
food was good and it seemed like a lot of comradery took up at Texadelphia....now lots more of us know ea. other and hopefully we'll get even more participants later.....we'll do this again, ...in 60 days or so? after 'winter' is over... (and it is supposed to be cold again..)



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