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Jan. 22, 2005

Trip to Shiner, TX


The trip to Shiner was one of our largest gatherings. We had 8 fabulous Firebirds present and 11 first gen Firebirds represented. Everyone came from across Texas including Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Ding Dong.


Here are some overview photos and Kelly's big COOL movies.

Movie 1

232 kb

Movie 2

232 kb

Movie 3

This Cool one is 20MB.



The Houston group started at Guzman Pontiac.

The next stop was Paul's house. He was busy finishing the installation of seat extenders.



We met at a neat little park outside of Shiner

Then it was time to wet our whistle.

We went downtown for some photos.



It was a great drive home.

Back at the edge of Houston, we stopped at Tom Donovan's house to see his Bird.






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